Issue 10 | March 2024 | Partners in Education Awards


By Bryan Kent Gomes & Jen Aiken, CSH2O Environmental Educators

As we embark on our 10th year (a whole DECADE!) we are so appreciative of the tireless and caring teachers and administrators that we work with to schedule, coordinate and present our Environmental Education programs to schools across Maryland. For the second year in a row, CoreShark H2O has awarded a Teacher and Administrator the “CSH2O Partner in Education Award”. This award goes to two individuals, one teacher and one administrator, who have gone above and beyond expectations in supporting our mission through communication, coordination, collaboration and continued interest in our Environmental Education programs.

The 2024 recipients are Lisa Harding from Brooklyn Park Middle School and Bonnie Myers from Bodkin Elementary School.

Congratulations, Lisa & Bonnie! 👏👏👏

Let’s learn a bit more about these amazing AACPS employees who regularly go above and beyond in their roles as well as being fervent CSH2O supporters.

Lisa Harding


CSH2O: How long have you been in your position? Where were you before Brooklyn Park?

Lisa: I am currently in my 22nd year of education. Brooklyn Park Middle has been my home for the last 17 years. Prior to my years at BPMS, I taught at MacArthur Middle School in Fort Meade, Maryland as well as the School District of Philadelphia where I lived for a few years early in my career.  I also worked at Marlton Middle in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia before moving back home to Pasadena in 2007.  Working in a variety of schools with diverse needs and socio-economic factors provided me with great perspective and awareness that keep me grounded in my work today.

CSH2O: What is your favorite part of being an educator?

Lisa: My favorite part of being an educator is knowing that my daily work aligns with my core values of helping people grow both academically and personally. Working as a department chair and classroom teacher allows me to connect with adults and students alike. I want my students to know that someone believes in them, loves them and will be there for them each day. For the adults, knowing how demanding and impossible our job can be sometimes, I truly value being able to support them, advocate for them and work alongside them as we do this important work of empowering young people to go out and do good in the world.

CSH2O: Are you from this area? We’d love to hear more about you, your family or pets.

Lisa: I was born and raised in Pasadena, Maryland.  I was blessed to grow up living on the Bodkin Creek and cruising the Chesapeake Bay which is a huge part of who I am.  I have a fur baby dog named Taco, four sisters, two wonderful parents, nieces, nephews and godchildren that make my life fulfilling.  I have an amazing group of friends; and I am a member of Raven’s Nest 18, which allows me to have lots of fun while giving back to the local community.

CSH2O: Why is it important for you to do programming with CoreShark H2O?

Lisa: I couldn’t love and support the mission and vision of CoreShark H2O anymore if I tried. It means so much to me to bring education and awareness to my students to help them love the bay and nature as much as I do. If students love and enjoy the bay, they will value it and take care of it. Seeing their eyes light up when dissecting an oyster, watching footage of water being filtered, or learning that oysters can filter more than 50 gallons of water a day is incredibly rewarding and all thanks to the CoreShark H2O Team. The presentations at our school have inspired me to do some of my best work as an educator creating cross-curricular projects with our science classes as well as Arts Integration projects that reach our local Brooklyn Park community. Being able to share my passion with my kids is such a gift, and I’m truly grateful for the work CoreShark H20 does that is making a real difference in so many lives. The mission of education, recreation, and preservation is what I am all about, and I look forward to serving CoreShark H2O for many years to come.

Bonnie Myers

CSH2O: How long have you been a principal? Where were you before Bodkin?

Bonnie: This is my 10th year as a principal. I am on year 4 at Bodkin and was the principal at Southgate prior to coming to Bodkin. Fun fact, I started my teaching career at Bodkin in 1999.

CSH2O: What is your favorite part of being a principal?

Bonnie: I love to empower our teachers to create memorable experiences with our students. The more hands-on and real world experiences we can make for our students makes me the happiest. Our students are the best, and I enjoy watching them grow as learners and citizens. Every year, I make it my goal to learn as many student’s names as possible.

CSH2O: Are you from this area? We’d love to hear more about you, your family or pets.

Bonnie: I grew up in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and moved to Maryland after graduation. Being by the water and nature has always been important to me. I’m the proud mom of 2 adult boys that are married to 2 lovely girls. Another fun fact, my boys went to Bodkin too! My husband and I spend our time walking Rudy, our 15 year old family dog and visiting Rehoboth on the weekends. I’m super excited that we are expecting our first grandchild in June.

CSH2O: Why do you support your teachers in booking programs with CoreShark H2O?

Bonnie: They support our environmental literacy curriculum by bringing real world experiences to our students for meaningful extensions. Coreshark brings the outside inside our school building. The educators are also so passionate about their work and our students take away wonderful new learning experiences. We are very lucky to have them in our community, especially teaching us about the Chesapeake Bay since it’s in our backyard.

We are so grateful to know and work with these caring individuals who are eager to ensure that the importance of environmental stewardship is transferred to future generations.