Inspiring a passion to

Protect and Preserve Maryland’s Waterways

Outreach & Education

CoreShark H2O creates and offers hands-on environmental educational programs and experiences for the community and classroom that are designed to inspire a passion for Maryland’s waterways, to expand exposure and knowledge, and to enhance environmental stewardship.  Our programs include CSH2O’s unique Oyster & Environmental Education lessons, partnerships with other like-minded organizations, field trips, scholarships, internships, and support of community events.

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Teacher Testimonials

“Students were engaged in the presentation, learned about environmental factors that impact the Chesapeake Bay and were able to make connections to previous lessons.” Fifth Grade Teacher

“The CSH2O presentation was wonderful. The students were excited to see the demonstration using the watershed model.” Sixth Grade Teacher

“The children loved the hands on, touching the crab and walking like a crab! They really enjoyed the program.” Pre-K Teacher

Shark Events