Issue 1 | September 2021 | Dear Shark

Storms, Dear Shark, Weather Tips, CoreShark H2O

Dear Shark, 

I’ve noticed storms have become more violent and unpredictable, what is the cause for that?


A Concerned Storm Enthusiast

Dear C.S.E., 

The simple answer? Climate change.

Storms, Dear Shark, Weather Tips, CoreShark H2OGlobally, temperatures are rising due to carbon emissions becoming trapped in the atmosphere, acting like a cozy blanket for the Earth. However, this “extra warmth” has led to a global surface temperature increase of 1.84 degrees Fahrenheit. That may not seem like much, but that extra 1.84 degrees is causing some regions to experience longer drought periods while other areas experience more intense storms.  This happens due to the fact that a warmer climate has increased the temperature of the oceans. 

Storms, Dear Shark, Weather Tips, CoreShark H2OHurricanes and intense storms form as a result of water evaporating from the oceans.  This additional moisture from evaporation feeds a swirling mass of clouds above the ocean. So, a more moist atmosphere above the oceans worsens the impact of storms by amplifying the storm’s energy.  Along with sea level rise and heavy rainfalls, there is a greater impact on coastal areas, especially low-lying areas.  These extreme weather events can result in more destructive flooding. All of these factors result in more frequent, intense and larger storms. 

So, as you can see C.S.E., it’s really all a domino effect that humans have caused: increase in carbon emissions—>increase in global temperature—>increase in ocean temperature—>warmer oceans—>more evaporation—>more moisture in the atmosphere—>more energy available for the storm. Now, do your part to decrease carbon emissions! 

You’ve got this, C.S.E.!

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